What Women Want

I suppose this title is rather cheeky. I mean, it’s not really about what women want. Nor is it about the film with the same title – brilliant, in case you haven’t seen it. Actually, what I wanted to write about was the right to vote.

It’s Polling Day here in the UK, and people across the country have been voting for an MP to represent them. At the same time, how people vote for their MP may have an impact on who is our Prime Minister. It is safe to say, then, that this is a big day.

But today is also a big day for another reason. No, not my dad’s 60th, though that is a special occasion we mark today. In fact, today marks 104 years since Emily Wilding Davison died after suffering wounds at the Epsom Derby. She ran out in front of the horses with her banner, hoping to gain more publicity and public backing for women’s suffrage. She died in protest.

She died fighting for the right to vote: my vote to vote, and Isobel’s right to vote. 

That is what women wanted then, and it is what women in other parts of the world still want and are still fighting for. Whatever you do today, go and vote.


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