A Time to Remember

Recently a beloved lady from church died, and we mourn for her.

She met my parents over 30 years ago, when they moved to Lancaster for my dad’s curacy in the Church of England. Her husband knew my dad from when he was a young man at church in Blackpool. In fact, the same church where my parents met and were married. 

Over the years they remained in touch and, when I returned to Lancaster for my teacher training, I was connected with a wonderful, prayerful couple who looked out for me and made me feel welcome. When my husband (though he wasn’t at the time) finished the Alpha course and joined a house group, they were a part of it. I have no doubt that they said many prayers for my husband, that he would find his own faith, and for me, that I would grow up to love and serve Jesus as my parents did.

She was a wonderful, God-loving woman, and she is in paradise now. So we remember her in whatever way we can. For us that means dressing Isobel in a cardigan that was a gift for her from this lovely lady. And it means looking through Delia Smith’s Complete Cookery Course to find something to cook in memory of this woman we loved. The book was a wedding gift to us, in which she wrote a witty remark about it not being just for me, but also for my husband.

This weekend, it will also be in memorium Marjorie.


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