About 3 weeks ago my husband and I decided enough was enough. We were forever throwing away bits and pieces of food, never using everything. Sometimes we would remember to freeze it, or maybe eat it for lunch the next day, but we were mostly just chucking stuff. What a waste!

So, we are in week 3 of mission leftovers. #economygastronomy

On the Friday evening we do our weekly shop, buying enough for 4 whole meals and lunches. But… We only buy one joint of meat. The rest is vegetables and carbs and pulses etc. We have had great variety of meals; I am feeling healthier and leaner; I have more energy; and we have barely thrown anything away. Below is our meals…

Week 1 – Roast Chicken with leeks, cabbage, potatoes (mashed and roasted). From that we had chicken enchiladas, chicken broth (including the bones) and a hearty chicken and leek pie. I even used the leftover pastry with some leftover cheese to make cheese straws.

Week 2 – Roast Beef with leeks, cabbage, potatoes (mashed and roasted). From that we had stir fry, and a Moroccan beef with couscous. 

Week 3 – Roast Chicken with leeks, cabbage, roast potatoes, roast parsnips. So far from that we have had chicken broth, and Eddy has had some yummy chicken pieces. The rest of the week will see homemade chicken curry, and chicken Caesar salad.

Ok, so the roast dinner is pretty much the same each week, but we know what we like so why mess with it? We have rarely had a roast since we’ve been married, because it seems like a lot of effort for just the two of us, and for only one meal. But now, we get to enjoy a roast dinner together each week, and then enjoy the meat into the week. It just requires a little forward planning, freezer bags, and some imagination.

How can you use your leftovers? How could I use mine? Got some recipe ideas for me? Comment below!


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