Mini Beasts Advent

It’s December, but it is only the 1st of December, and our church does a lot of fabulous Christmas things for children and their families a little closer to the main day itself. So, for this month’s Mini Beasts I thought we would try to not look too closely at Christmas itself. Instead, I thought a few wintery activities, alongside some miniature wreath making, might help us get in the mood and get excited.

We had…

Gingerbread playdough (smells amazing!), which the little ones could mould, roll out and cut out gingerbread men.

A festive paddling pool, with tinsel and glitter and baubles.

A surprise blind feeling box, which was wrapped up like a present. Children (and adults) had to put their hands inside and try to work out what it was they were feeling – Christmas pudding, and mince pies.

Miniature wreath making with foliage, little candles and oasis.

Singing, a story and a special Advent prayer!

I am seriously blown away by how much joy I get from doing this group. Not only do I get to come up with fun, creative sensory activities which go with our story / theme, but I also get to share my faith with my daughter and with other parents and their children. What a privilege!

As I hurtle towards my daughter’s first Christmas, and then her first birthday, I am reminded daily of God’s goodness. Whether it’s a message from a friend, the fact I had a good sleep, or just a beautiful blue sky, his love and faithful provision surrounds me. With Mini Beasts, we have taken what was a small seed and planted it. We have met 3 times now, and I am excited to see where 2017 takes us.

Mini Beasts

Today marked the beginning of a new venture, a part of my new mission as a mum. This morning we – a friend and I – put on church in a different way.

We welcomed under 2s and their mums* to church, where we had singing and a story. We had areas set up for them to explore, and we let them pick prayers from our prayer box. 

As our story was the creation story, we had a darkened tent area with electronic tea lights, for some quiet time. We had a paddling pool, to represent the creation of the waters, along with pebbles and lots of bubbles. We had cushioned green area, with many soft animals for imaginary play. All of the little ones (even the under 1s) enjoyed exploring these areas with their mums, and one little girl loved the water area so much she couldn’t help but go for a little paddle.

With much laughter, singing and play, our first Mini Beasts got off to a fabulous start. We are so hopeful that God will use this ministry to show the littlest of his children how much he loves them.

*Disclaimer: not just for mums and babies. Dads, grandparents, carers also welcome.