We had a roast dinner this evening, so our daughter had some carrot, broccoli and mash to get stuck into. She wasn’t such a fan of the carrot, and more enjoyed playing with rather than eating the mash. The broccoli, however, was a big hit!


Accidental Firsts

Today was the day my daughter ate and swallowed some solid food for the first time! ❤️

It was the church picnic this afternoon, and we thought we would give her a bit of cucumber to chew on, mainly for her teething. Each time it emerged from her mouth, however, there was less and less green flesh, until there was just the skin left. Wow!

So, this evening, we thought we would try her on more cucumber and some free mush stuff from Hipp Organic – banana, pear and apple to be precise. This time she played with it, and her spoon, more than eating any of it. But that’s ok. Food is to be played with, right?