Here we go again…

I wanted to entitle this, “It’s been a long time,” but have the sneakiest suspicion that I’ve said that before.

I so desperately want to be writing more again, and I have promised myself to make my blog a priority in the coming weeks and months.

In reality, that might not happen. I used to write when my daughter was napping, but those days are over. No more naps means no breathing time between waking up and getting my lovely girl into bed.

I am more tired than ever before, but I am enjoying this stage more than any before it. My little girl is showing more and more of the beautiful person she is becoming. It’s wonderful. If not exhausting.

So, look out for more posts from me as I blindly feel my way through this next stage of life. We’ve waved goodbye to the baby years and now we move into toddlerhood. Terrifying EXCITING!!!


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