Black Crag

Today marked walk 4 of my 30 before I am 30 – 340 days to go by the way.

My husband, daughter and I ventured up to the Lakes with my parents, parking in a layby near Hollin Bank and Low Arnside (not to be mistaken with Arnside near Silverdale). It was a gentle start, though uphill from the word go. We meandered through a field of sheep with their bleating lambs. Wonderful!

After a short while, we veered off to the left and our main ascent started, though we did go round instead of straight up – lessons learned from our earlier walk up Winder. It was hard work at points, but mainly because my calves aren’t yet used to walking uphill. I’m hopeful that, if I keep going, it will eventually subside. 

There was some boggy ground, where I had flashbacks to the loss of footwear in childhood. Oh, how I hated it then! But so funny now to think of a lanky me, shrieking one legged in the mud. None of that today, thankfully.

We reached the summit just inside an hour, and were rewarded with some incredible views. I can highly recommend Black Crag for its views : difficulty ratio. Usually, the harder the climb, the better the view. Not so with today’s walk. We could see Windermere in the East, sweeping round to Tarn Hows in the South and the Fairfield Horseshoe in the North.

Back down promptly for some lunch at The Apple Pie bakery in Ambleside. Perfect!

Windermere from Black Crag

Panorama of Windermere, Tarn Hows Plantation and possibly Coniston Water


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