A Very Merry 1st Christmas

“‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring… not even a mouse…”

And so the famous poem starts. Last Christmas I was very pregnant and, when I left work for the final time, my ex-colleagues put together a bumper baby box for me. In this box was this Christmas book, and so it has sat on my bookshelf for a year… waiting for our baby’s first Christmas.

So the story has been read, and our little girl is tucked up in her bed, ready for her first Christmas Day. Each year at this time we enjoy baked Camembert, good red wine, chocolate and a Christmas film. This year is no different, but with our beautiful addition’s arrival, I thought I’d start a new tradition.

The Christmas Eve Hamper

I am sure that, as our little one gets older, the tradition will evolve to include different items. This year, however, it was more a surprise for my husband. I included: new matching(ish) pyjamas; Santa slippers; Christmas Eve book; white Lindor (hubby’s favourites), and normal Lindor; and a bottle of Merlot.

We enjoyed getting some shots of us in our matching pjs before story and bed time. 

It has been a wonderful year filled with firsts, and new traditions: first smile, first tooth, first holiday and first Christmas. Soon it will be her first birthday and, in time, we will see more firsts and more traditions. For now though, I’m not looking at the future. I’m just going to enjoy the here and now. Because here and now is pretty wonderful!

Merry Christmas!


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