Love One Another

A great man once said, “Love one another…”. What does that look like, as a mum?

For me, it means building each other up with our words and our actions; it means looking out for one another on this new and bewildering path we find ourselves on. It means offering support, and meaning it… even if you disagree with that particular parenting method / choice.

On Thursday evening I had the absolute joy and pleasure of meeting the newest member of our gang of babies, only 4 days old. Why was it such a joy? Well, not only because it’s a blessing to sit with new parents so soon after they’ve received their bundle, but also because I was able to offer support with breastfeeding.

When I was in the early days, I received so much support from fellow mums who were ahead of me on the journey. I’m not sure I’d have managed to keep going without it. Yet so often on the internet I see mums tearing each other and their decisions down. For what purpose?

Let’s support each other, stand together, and love one another.


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