It’s been a while…

Well, hello there! It’s been a while since my last post. Mainly, I just needed a break and a rest, but also I’ve been busy with my daughter and family this month. This summer is filled with birthdays, leaving dos, weddings and family get-togethers, so I’m feeling tired, my brain is fried and we are only half way through. I described it to my husband as feeling foggy. It’s not that I’m more tired than before, just that I can’t quite seem to get my head in gear.

Anyway, I thought I’d give you a little update.

Weaning is a bit hit and miss. Some days she likes broccoli, others she hates it. Sometimes she likes having some mashed banana, other days she prefers strawberries. Anyway, she’s being offered a variety of fruit and veg and we shall just see what happens over the coming weeks and months. She loves bread though: she sucks on it until it is mush, and then either swallows it or smears it over her high chair tray. One thing is sure: she loves to make a mess!

We recently took her swimming for the first time, which she loved! At first she was her usual nosy self, looking all over the place and taking everything (and everyone) in. But after about 10 minutes she started to stare more into our faces, interacting with us and splashing a little. I’m really excited to start taking her to a local weekly group which incorporates the water and singing / nursery rhymes!

Faith-wise things have been strange really. Because I’ve been feeling foggy, I’ve found it nigh on impossible to do any reading / writing / Bible study, and have had to rely on reading a verse of the day and shooting small arrow prayers out. I still find my best praying is done during Isobel’s night feed, at around 2am and 5am.  It’s quiet, there’s no distraction and I can just focus. Amazing, given the time of day.

However, I’ve recently been mega-blessed by a job offer. My contract ended at Christmas, leaving me unemployed as I became a new mother. Everything that I knew was stripped away, leaving me rather vulnerable. I’ve really had to learn to trust God and his provision over these last 6 months or so. It has been hard at times, but also an adventure, and a lesson in relinquishing control. 

I interviewed for a teaching job in May 2015, but was unsuccessful. I asked the headteacher to keep me in mind for the future… and he did! I’m now going to be starting back at work in September (after our holiday) just one day a week. It’s the Goldilocks of jobs: just right! Not only is it in a great school, but it’s close by to my home and it is the perfect number of teaching hours. Any less and there’d be no point, any more and there’d be too much work to take home. I didn’t have to apply for this job, but it is perfect in every way. My job prospects and future was something I recently laid at the foot of the cross once more in a prayer activity. It felt like quite an impossible prayer, as all the jobs for September were gone and nothing that was quite right was appearing, but I let go. I gave over control, and it’s all worked out perfectly.

Honestly, I’m still in shock! In less than 2 months I’ll be back at work, which is something I never expected. But then, that’s God. He’s full of surprises, and he loves to bless us! I think that’s all for now. I’m probably going to take a bit more of a break before September, let my head get refreshed, and then I’ll be back.

Stay tuned for my first big adventure into mummy mission: sensory church!


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