What a joyful day we had yesterday! We finally had our little girl baptised, and it was such a privilege to join with friends and family in our church and celebrate together. I was baptised there, as a baby many years ago, and my husband was baptised there just a few years ago. We were married at this church, and so it was very special to have her baptism there too.

When our daughter was born, my parents gave us a bottle of champagne to toast her. We decided that we would open it and enjoy it on her baptism day, so yesterday evening we enjoyed some cake and champagne and we prayed for our daughter as we toasted her.

Our prayer for our lovely little one is that she will grow into a strong, confident and compassionate woman of God; that she will encourage others around her, seek righteousness, and dare to challenge those around her to live ever more generously and ever more lovingly.


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