About Her: Mei Yee Leong

This month I have the pleasure of introducing you to a dear friend, and Christian sister, Mei.
Mei owns her own arts business, specialising in prophetic art, but she also does cool things like bespoke wedding invitations. You can find out more at: https://wonderfullymei.com

So Mei, where did you get the inspiration for Wonderfully Mei and Prophetic Arts?

It actually came from a place of brokenness and the end of myself. It brought true healing and deeper intimacy with my Father. I had bombed out on my PGCE teaching training course, ending up feeling incredibly deflated, worn out, confused and battered and bruised (ego, that is!). I felt I had given so much, only to not have that much to walk away with. That year was the worst year in my entire life. I had never felt so under appreciated, undervalued and not seen.

I sort of “fell into” it … and it started just from painting. And somehow, other people had seen those and wanted to buy them. From there on out … it has been a slow and arduous journey of branching out into design, and branding, and even providing Virtual Assistant Services too.

In a way, Wonderfully Mei Designs has become my redemptive blessing. She has taught me how to see my own worth, my own value, and my own skills. That I am worth something, that I have much to give to the world, that I am seen from this tiny corner of the world.

Obviously, prophetic art requires a lot of prayer and keeping that line with God open. How do you pray?

I tend to do it throughout the day, through conversational dialogue. So, I will talk to Him about things, and He will respond. Sometimes, with silence … sometimes with words. It gets quite amusing at times but He is incredibly loving and understanding. I think the dynamics change, the more revelation we receive about who God is.

Sometimes a simple “ask” prayer is good too; e.g. asking for peace or for insight about something.

Sometimes I will pray the Lord’s Prayer; I think this is a good, solid prayer to pray if you are every feeling stuck for what to pray exactly. If we pray God’s will into our life, we can never go wrong.

I also pray God’s sovereignty over my life and alignment too, if I ever feel like I am going off track.

How do you read the Bible?

Usually, as directed by the Holy Spirit. God will often direct certain passages or specific pieces of scripture. These will often confirm or highlight me to what may come in my life, in that season.

What’s your favourite bible verse for this season you’re in?

For the past few years, the verse:

So you’re definitely a Spirit girl. What’s your favourite worship song (of all time, or now)?

There are so many but the one that remains and speak to me strongly and consistently in every season, is probably ‘Your Love Never Fails’ by Jesus Culture.

I am also a huge fan of any and all of Israel Houghton music, just because he writes scripture into his music so well. It’s so good to be able to sing scripture over ourselves. It is very life-giving.

Tell me about a favourite piece of art.

This, ‘Tidal Wave’, is a favourite. I painted it entirely with my fingers, and it was very spontaneous. I think it is a favourite because of the rawness and spontaneity of it.

If there was someone reading my blog wondering how to step out and ask for spiritual gifting, how would you advise them?

I would pray about it. And ask someone with discernment for recognising spiritual giftings to pray for you too! For me, my giftings have come incredibly naturally and organically, as I have grown deeper in intimacy with God.

“As your love, in wave after wave, crashes over me, crashes over me. For you are for us, you are not against us. Champion of heaven you made a way for all to enter in.”

Thanks, Mei! What is your hope for your prophetic art?

My hope is for people to receive from God in some way, to be blessed by the messages they read from it and to elicit some sort of emotional response. I don’t want my paintings just to be pretty. I hope that my paintings glorify God.

To also bless those who wish to commission them too.

In the long run, it would be awesome if I managed to get at least one piece in a famous, national art gallery or at least on the front of a book cover (yes, dream big!). Whatever comes first! But, that is up to God really.

(NB: This sunflower was a prophetic piece done for me. The first time I looked at it, I just thought, ‘huh! Great painting!’ Then, midway through my NQT year when I was feeling battered and had lost my zest for life I found it again. This time, I looked at the words on the back. Written on it was a message of encouragement, reminding me that I am like the sunflower: an encourager, a giver of energy and light to others. It picked me up, just at the right time, but also is a daily reminder as to who I am in Christ.)


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