Tea & Cake

In my final year at university, part way through my final teaching placement, my godmother gave me a lovely teacup, saucer and side plate set. Her reasoning, as a retired teacher, was that sometimes you just have days where a lovely cup of tea and a slice of cake on a pretty plate is everything you need.

Today was not one of those days. Today was a fabulous days. We didn’t do anything particularly wonderful; it was like many other Mondays. We drove to Casterton and had a wander around the school; we played and sang and giggle; we fed and changed nappies; we smiled and had naps. Like I said, much like any other day.

Today was, however, also the day I realised that I had reserved my dainty cup of tea and slice of cake for days when I was beaten down, tired, or stressed. Days when lessons hadn’t gone well, or if an observation hadn’t been good. Days when I needed just a little something special to make me smile. But what about the days that are brilliant? The days where I laugh, and smile, and sing in the shower? What about those days? Don’t they deserve a little something special at the end of them?

So, this evening I baked a very sticky lemon drizzle. I cut myself a slice, and poured myself a cup of tea. 


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