The Smallest Kindnesses

Yesterday was a fabulous day; one of those kinds of days where everything is just pretty wonderful.

A friend from uni came to visit me and meet my daughter. She’s the type of friend who you can go for a while without seeing or speaking to, yet when you meet up nothing has changed and conversation flows freely. I love her company, she’s a proper gem – kind, witty and caring. 

We went for lunch at a local tapas bar and, as the sun was shining, took delight in sitting outside. Whilst we were sat out, with baby in pram, a couple sat down at the table next to us. Just as we got my daughter out of her pram for a cuddle and feed, the lady next to us got a cigarette out. My heart sank. I really didn’t want to have smoke blowing in my little one’s face.

Then the smallest of kindnesses occurred. The lady turned around and saw my little girl, and said, “I can’t smoke near a baby!” So she got up, and moved away from us.

You’d think most people would think about it… But even a staff member of this restaurant smoked right next to us when she was on her break. This lady didn’t have to move. She has every right to smoke outside. But she did move, and she put my baby’s needs above her own. A very small act of kindness, but it really made me smile.


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