It Takes A Village

So the old adage goes, it takes a village to raise a child. And it does. 

I am so so blessed with a beautiful village around me: husband, church, parents, brothers and sister, Facebook support groups and friends from all over the place. Yesterday I felt that village gather around me and support me, after a long and hard day. It was wonderful, and I felt so uplifted and lucky to have so many wonderful people to lean on in Isobel’s life.

Today, though there were teething tears, was a much better day. I knew I had people praying for us, my husband came home for lunch, and I had a good friend with me for 7 hours. Whilst she came round so that I could help with a job application, actually I had the better end of the deal; I had a member of my village round all day.

During my friend’s time here, she received a long awaited email with her university results in. This is a big deal: this wonderful lady has worked hard for five years, through times of struggle and personal pain. We shared the journey, starting university at the same time, and I felt privileged to share in this moment with her. As if it wasn’t a perfect enough moment, seconds after she had declared her “Eek! I got a 2:1!”, and we were squealing excitedly, Isobel (whose nappy was off, mid-change) peed all over her changing mat. Cue much laughter!

It takes a village to raise a child… and a lot of laughter!


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