Just forget about it…

Today has just been one of those days, from beginning to end. It’s half past five, and I’m still in my pyjamas, still sat on my bed, feeding my daughter.

We did manage to get her dressed this morning. And we made it downstairs long enough to make a cup of tea. Said cup of tea is still downstairs though. Alone. Untouched.

It’s been relentless feeding, snoozing, crying today. Obviously there have been moments of wonder, like when my daughter was giggling and gurgling energetically as I blew raspberries into her tummy. But it’s hard to think of those moments right now. She’s just fallen asleep, an hour before her bedtime. 

I can’t wait for this day to be over. Then I can sleep (maybe). Then I can drink my cup of tea. Then I can just forget about it!


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