You Make Me Brave: Renewed Hope

Recently I came across this version of a favourite song of mine. A few things really struck me, and I was in tears by the end.

This is a song about bravery, and how we can rely on God for strength in hard times. But more than that, it’s about stepping out in faith. There is something incredible about watching these children run and dance, bare footed in the forest, mark their territory, almost like warriors… a symbol of bravery. Jesus says to us though, to come to him like little children. That could mean many things. Children are eager, loving, forgiving, demanding, playful. But they’re also brave. They bear their hearts and souls on the playground, and are upset about things that we think are ridiculous. Day in, day out, they play and fight; they see hurt, and experience it too; they worry, and they care. And then when they’re done doing all that, they do it all again with smiles on their faces. Children are resilient and they are capable of loving fiercely. Children are brave.

What also struck me, though, is that we live in a cruel world. A world of comparisons: who is prettier? Who is funnier? Who is smarter? We think this just applies to us, but it affects our children. There are reports of children as young as 5 with body image issues, and children with mental health issues before they leave primary school. The world tells our children that they must look and act a certain way in life; they must perform; they must be ‘on’. All the time. How demanding! Is it any wonder there are reports of children crying themselves to sleep every night over SATs? Is it any wonder that young girls doll themselves up for Instagram selfies, when they should just be reading a book in their pjs at home?

This video, and song, speaks of a different truth though. It says, there is something bigger than me in life. It says, I am known, loved and valued. It says, because of these truths, I have peace. It says, I am brave. And that gives me renewed hope for my own daughter.

My prayer: that she will grow up knowing she is valued and loved; that she will love fiercely; that she will speak the truth loudly; and that she will shine her beautiful light bravely into this dark world.


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