Be Kind To Yourself

I have written previously about taking time to rest as a new mum. Well, today I have had to really listen to that advice, as I woke this morning feeling ill for the first time in months. I had a sore throat, banging headache and felt very hot. I also felt tired, and was worrying about looking after my little girl today. How would I have the energy to play with her? How would I entertain her without leaving the house? How could I protect her from my germs?

I decided to be kind to myself. I cancelled my attendance at my weekly baby group, the only thing in my diary for today, and set about having a relaxing pyjama day. So far, I’ve fed my daughter, changed her nappies, cuddled her, and watched her play. I’ve also just sat on the sofa in my pjs, with my iPad, under a blanket and drank lemon and ginger tea. I am now starting to feel a bit better. My head is less foggy.

Sometimes, we worry about letting people down. But sometimes we just need to stop and be kind to ourselves, so that we can do our best for the people in our lives. #Mondaychallenge – what can you do this week to lighten your load, and be kind to yourself?


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