Incy Wincy Spider

Recently, my daughter has become more alert. She has always been alert, but there are a lot more smiles and a definite urge to play. And so, we sing with actions. Incy Wincy Spider is definitely her favourite.

On Thursday evening my husband and I hosted a BBQ for my parents, younger brother, and one of my daughter’s godparents. I was singing to this little cutie, sitting on the carpet, and she was giggling and gurgling away. I looked up to see my mum and dad beaming at me and their granddaughter, and I felt tears in my eyes. There was just so much love in that room, in that moment.

I am so thankful. Thankful for family; thankful for my gorgeous daughter and her smiles; thankful for good weather and great times with friends. And I’m even thankful for Incy Wincy Spider.


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