I Will Wait For You

 So goes the famous Mumford and Sons’ song. And it is so important to wait, and to be patient. A wise colleague of mine put different quotes all around school, getting children thinking about different values. One that was on a door near my classroom has really stuck with me: “Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.” Wow! 

Now, I am an impatient person. The amount of uncooked pasta I eat whilst I wait for it to cook is silly. I could just go away and wait the cooking time of 8-10 minutes instead of getting frustrated that it hasn’t cooked yet. I read a friend’s blog recently, and laughed, as she has the same habits I do when it comes to patience, waiting and food.

Why do I find it so hard to wait? I’m just so eager to get on with things straight away; a new puppy who has been let off the lead in the park for the first time. However, the last year I have been hearing God telling me to wait; to slow down and be patient. It was relatively easy to slow down, as I was pregnant, teaching and tired. Now though, it’s different. Yes, I’m tired, because I have a 12 week old baby and so my sleep isn’t what it used to be. Yes, I don’t quite have the freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I want. But, what I do have is head space and time. Those two things can be quite dangerous, as I look around at friends and peers and feel rather un-busy. And that’s dangerous as a new mum, because if you’re feeling a bit lonely and an opportunity arises to not only help others, but also be with other people… you might just do it. Suddenly though, you are wrapped up in so many new things, it could become very difficult to give yourself enough time to relax. Because, actually, being a new mum is very hard, and rest is important.

This morning I went to a group hosted by church, Extra Time, which is aimed at the older person. However, the lovely couple who run it always say it is really for anyone who has a bit of extra time on their hands. So, my lovely daughter and I went. A wonderful lady, the Revd. Pam Wilding, was talking about her journey as a Christian, following God’s call on her life. Pam worked for many many years as a missionary in Kenya, and it was brilliant to hear about her journey. She told a story of how, before women were ordained, somebody sat and said that “women pollute the church”. How dreadful! Now, there are still many who believe that women shouldn’t be ordained in the Church, but I’ve not really experienced that growing up. I’ve known many women be ordained, and seen it encouraged, even in my own mum’s life. I have experienced and witnessed the wonderful ministries at the hands of women, and seen hearts reached through powerful, spiritual women. For me, I can think of nothing more normal than both men and women ordained as priests in the Church.

But that wasn’t the case for too many women. When I think of how patient so many had to be, to wait on the Lord until their call could be fully realised, I feel childlike. Lamentations 3: 25 says this: The Lord is good to those who wait for Him, to the soul who seeks Him. So that’s my continued focus, as a new mum: to wait on God, until He tells me to move. It’s not to say I can just sit back and be idle. It’s just time to be content with where I am, as I wait for Him to reveal the next part of the path. It is time to be content with extra time to rest, and extra head space to seek Him. It is time to be content with a new life, and a new mission.


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